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Peter Hess Academy Australia

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The Maranta Sound Academy was founded to teach and promote Peter Hess Sound Massage in Australia. Peter Hess Sound Massage is a unique method of working with sound and vibrations. Peter Hess ® method of Sound Massage is based on the Eastern knowledge and tradition and developed completelyfor the Western world.

The Sound Massage is a treatment of subtle vibrations coming from the metal singing bowls and gongs applied to the body in a direct (placed on a dressed body) or indirect (auric field) way.

As a result of that treatment, inner harmony and balance is restored through deep relaxation process and brain synchronisation. 

Maranta Sound Academy offers a variety of basic and advanced training seminars for all interested, including those already working in the therapeutic, medical or social fields.

Furthermore, we offer you a wide variety of the singing bowls, gongs and other acoustic instruments and accessories. Should you wish to choose your singing bowls here, we can provide guidance and help you with our knowledge and experience.