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PH sound massage1Since the early eighties, the German engineering graduate (FH) in Physical Technology, Peter Hess, has been looking more and more into the effect that sound has on people. In the search for alternative healing methods, he made numerous trips to India, Nepal and Tibet. Experiences with traditional healers and observations in the Newar, the oldest ethnic group in the Kathmandu valley, demonstrated to him the importance of sound in the traditional healing. During his travels Peter Hess experienced on his own body, how can the sound be a strong healing element, but can also have negative effect, for everything in this world is marked by polarity. Based on his manifold experience with sound, he started to work with singing bowls. His investigations and experiments on the effect of traditional music on the human mind and body form the basis for the sound massage. Returning to Germany, he passed on his newly acquired knowledge and experience. The positive results led to a rapid development of his method. He developed a flexible system of feedback from the practice and development of the method - for as the sound itself, so is the Peter Hess sound massage method - in motion. The result of this work is the Peter Hess®-Sound Massage.

Today, Peter Hess-sound massage is used successfully in many occupations in the fields of education, counseling, therapy and medicine. The extensive training, continuing education and training offered by the Peter Hess Institute reflects the many possibilities of the use of professional sound massage and singing bowls. This new service offers development of the professional competence in use of the sound at a high level.

What is a sound massage and what are it’s key characteristics?

phessmassageTo put it simply, sound of singing bowls positioned with care on the clothed body . The gentle and harmonious sounds are absorbed and that quickly leads into a deep relaxation. The rhythmic sound vibrations are transmitted to the body and produce a subtle vibration which is a kind of "massage" element.
During a sound massage an atmosphere of safety and security is created, in which it is possible to let go - release stress, anxiety, worry, doubt and feelings that have a negative impact on our health. In this soothing atmosphere, we can come in contact with our needs, our "inner wisdom". We experience our bodies in a comforting sense - it may take a long time for the first truth to be realized. The often circular thoughts come to rest and our soul gains the room for development. These are the key aspects of healthcare in a holistic sense. They are the basis for the design of a happy, independent and creative life. Many decades of practical experience can be summarized in the following active features of the sound massage:

  • Holistic approach - addresses body, mind and spirit
  • Extensive sound range with the multiple overtones, harmonic, and natural acoustic sounds of singing bowls
  • Basis of deep relaxation
  • Strengthens the original confidence in people
  • Facilitates the release
  • Contributes to health promotion via harmonization, regeneration and revitalization
  • Supports and improves body awareness
  • Allows access to and use of own resources
  • Strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation

The effect of the sounds is very complex. Even if the method at first glance appears simple, its use requires substantial knowledge about the effect of sound and self-experience to apply them individually, selectively and safely for the benefit of the client.

How can the sound massage be used?

Sound massage is very well suited for private as well as professional application.

  • Private use: Here the emphasis is on relaxation and well-being. This can be attained by self-application or by sound massage in a circle of family or friends.
  • Wellness and cosmetics: Inner calm, self-confidence, and health are the main factors determining a person's appearance. Sound massage achieves well-being and beauty that comes from within.
  • Massage and physiotherapy: Application of sound massage is also possible with acute physical problems. Blockages can be perceived consciously. Moreover, interrelated events that caused these symptoms can be identified. The patient experiences sound massage as very agreeable and gentle.
  • Medicine (Practiced by medical professionals): By way of its relaxing and pain-relieving effect sound massage can support medical treatment, for instance in cases such as damaged discs, abdominal, digestive, and heart problems, painful joints and bad circulation, as well as many other health problems. It can create a relaxed, open and co-operative atmosphere for doctor-patient talks.
  • Therapy and psychotherapy (Practiced by qualified therapists): In this wide area of application sound massage has proven to be an excellent method to relax clients deeply in a very short time. Subsequently or alternatively from within this deep relaxation, the respective therapeutic process can begin.
  • Other areas of employment (Practiced by qualified experts): obstetrics, nurseries and schools, retirement and nursing homes, working with handicapped people, speech therapy, care of the dying.

The most important effects of sound massage

  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to a person’s original trust.
  • Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual body cell through sound.
  • Relief of tensions and blockages in the body.
  • The client experiences his body to be pleasantly light and vibrating freely.
  • Reinforcement of self-healing forces.
  • Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy,
  • Attainment of renewed joy of life.
  • Letting go of old patterns - a new order can evolve.

The approach and the human image of Peter Hess-sound methods

Under the term Peter Hess ® Sound Massage method are the Peter Hess sound massage and summarized collected practices which represent a specialization in the use of sound massage in different fields.

Peter Hess-sound massage is first and foremost a holistic method of relaxation. It could become another means of expression in the hand of a professional where it can also be used directly and effectively in the fields of education, counseling, therapy and medicine.

Peter Hess-sound methods aim always to strengthen the health and wellbeing (see the salutogenic approach). The strong solution and resources of these methods shift its focus more on the whole person with all his skills and his knowledge - even if in some situations these resources are not accessible. Tempo, intensity and direction of sessions are always in coordination with the needs of the clients - they know best (deep inside), what is good for them (see image of man in humanistic psychology).

Our motto is: Less is more!

It's less about a goal-oriented action, and more concerned with the careful and loving companionship of a client / patient on his path of personal development, growth or healing.

From the present research, we know how important our mental images and our intention are for the effect of an action. Therefore, in the education, training and continuing education of Peter Hess Institute particularly great value is placed on:

  • the transfer of substantial background knowledge of the effect of sounds,
  • the training of our own response capability (based on personal experience with sound and in the group) and
  • the training of the awareness of one's intention.

The expansion of professional skills of our students to us is as important as learning the method to enrich their own life with sound.

Training (length, fees, qualification)
Training in the sound massage according to Peter Hess ® consists of four levels finalised in Supervision seminar. See our courses page for schedule.

Level I (weekend course)
Basic sound massage for self and family and friends. You will learn the principles of the sound massage, about the singing bowls, experience the full sound massage, and will be able to perform the relaxing sound massage for private use. No prior knowledge is required for this workshop.

Level II (weekend course)
Advanced workshop, widening the application of the singing bowls to the auric field. You will learn about aura, singing bowls and gongs. The Level I is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Level III and IV given together over a 4 days period
The practitioner level training, building on the previous two levels. Introducing the concepts of the sound massage in therapy, new elements and teaching you how to develop a Sound Massage practice. This is followed in at least 3 month time with a Supervison seminar.

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The participants of the courses will receive an attendance certificate following each part of the course; and on finishing all of the training, a certificate confirming that its holder is entitled to practice "Peter Hess®-Sound Massage". For sound masseurs/masseuses who work with sound massage on a professional level, we recommend attending supervision and/or further training seminars (as they become available) regularly. The course participants will also receive the 10% discount on the purchase of the genuine Peter Hess® singing bowls - therapeutic quality.